Should I put stickers on my Laptop (Pros and Cons)

Putting Stickers on any hardware is the best way to decorate it. Nowadays, most people also want to put stickers on their laptops, but they are confused and think should I put stickers on my laptop or not. We asked more than 50 people if they would love to put stickers on the laptop. The 29 people think that adding stickers to the laptop is a great way to personalize and express personality. Others think it looks not great and looks unprofessional.

In this article, I discuss the pros and cons of putting stickers on a laptop, which help you to make an informed decision.

Should I put Stickers on my Laptop


1. Personalization and Expression

Stickers provide a unique way to express interests and personality because each sticker tells a story. Putting stickers can transform your laptop into a unique reflection of who you are. It tells whether you are a fan of someone, passionate about a cause, or love vibrant design.

2. Easy Identification

If you mostly work in shared or crowded places, stickers are very helpful. Due to stickers, you can easily identify your laptop because adding stickers distinguishes your device from others. This is very useful in an office and educational institutes.

Should I put stickers on my Laptop

3. Increased Aesthetic Appeal 

A good quality with beautifully designed stickers enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of your laptop. 

4. Prevent Scratches

While the main purpose of stickers is aesthetic, they also protect your laptop from scratches and minor damage. Good quality stickers act as a shield and absorb some shock impact.


1. Professional Image

When we did a survey, the majority of people who didn’t like the stickers on the laptop were professionals. In a professional environment, the laptop covered with different stickers looks unprofessional. A laptop with stickers might also send the wrong message in a business meeting, so consider the industry standard before putting the stickers on your work laptop.

2. Resale Value

The stickers on a laptop might not appeal to everyone, so when you decide to sell your laptop, the buyer may not be interested.

3. Residue

Most stickers are easily removable, but some may leave residue when removed, so always choose good quality stickers and be cautious during the removal process.


Will putting stickers on my laptop affect its performance?

Stickers do not affect the laptop’s performance, but if you place them over ventilation areas, they could minimize the performance of the cooling system and can cause an overheating issue.

Are there any types of stickers I should avoid?

Avoid stickers that use strong adhesives because these types of stickers may leave more residue.

Conclusion of Should I put stickers on my Laptop

Thanks for reading this guide, in the end putting the stickers on the laptop is a personal decision and the context in which you will be using the laptop. If you use a laptop for daily use, study purposes, or you prioritize self-expression, stickers can be a fantastic addition. If you use the laptop for professional work, a laptop free of stickers is better.

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