Is 128 GB Enough for Laptop? 2024 New Guide

In this guide, you will know is 128 GB enough for laptop or not, and I also discuss the factors to consider when making the decision. The answer to your question is that 128 GB is enough for daily computing and office tasks. But if you want to do intensive tasks such as video editing or want to play games, then 128 GB is not a good option.

If you use Windows or Mac operating system for daily computing tasks, 128 GB storage is enough. After installing the Windows or Mac operating system, you will get around 85 to 95 GB, depending on the version.

How to know 128 GB is enough for me?

First, you have to decide what files you want to store on the laptop and what type of work will be done.

For office work is 128 GB enough for laptop?

Yes, 128 is usually enough because office work involves spreadsheet management, word processing, email sending, and web browsing. If you are doing these tasks in the office or any other text-based work, this storage capacity is enough because these tasks do not require significant storage.

You will still have plenty of hard drive space when you install the operating system and office-related software (such as Microsoft Office). Text-based office documents occupy a few kilobytes or megabytes of space. Therefore, you can keep many files on a 128 GB hard drive. If you are a Teletherapist, this storage is also sufficient for your laptop because most video conferencing software has low storage requirements.

Is 128 GB enough for laptop

Is 128 GB enough for graphic designing

I recommend using a higher hard drive, such as 512 GB or 1 TB, for graphic design. The files and software related to designing take up significant storage. As a graphic designer or video editor, you have to work on high-resolution videos, images, and on 3d modeling projects. These projects require much storage, so you can’t install many files.

Professional graphic designing software like Adobe Illustrate, Photoshop, and adobe premiere pro require substantial disk space. Due to this reason, a 128 GB hard drive can quickly fill up, so 128 GB is not a good option for graphic designing.

For example, in the 128 GB hard drive 85 to 95 GB storage is left after installing the operating system. When you install some advanced designing software, the remaining storage is 40 to 50 GB approximately.

 Is 128 GB Storage enough for students? 

Yes, a 128 GB laptop can be enough for students, depending on the specific need and usage type. If you save presentations, spreadsheets, and other text-based documents, then a laptop with 128 GB is sufficient. Text-based documents take up very little space, so you can store many files without worrying about the storage limit.

But a 128 GB hard drive is not recommended for students who use advanced software and store large files.

What can I do if 128 GB storage is full? 

If you run out of space with a 128GB laptop, here are some options

  • Start by reviewing the files and delete unnecessary documents and applications but do this step carefully.
  • If you run out of space, move your old data to external storage such as a USB flash drive or hard drive. You can easily connect these devices to your laptop and access the data.
  • You can also use cloud services like Dropbox and google drive.


What can I store on a 128 GB laptop?

With 128 GB of storage, you can store many files such as documents, photos, videos, and a limited number of software and games. However, more than this capacity may be needed to store large video files and install multiple advanced applications.

Will 128 GB be enough for gaming? 

Installing a large collection of games on a 128 GB laptop might be challenging. Many modern games take up a lot of space (in gigabytes), so you must be selective with your gaming library.

Final Thoughts on Is 128 GB Enough for Laptop

A laptop with 128 GB of storage capacity is enough to store text-based documents and some applications. If you want to run resource-intensive applications and keep many large files, go for a higher storage option.

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