ChromeBook vs Laptop for Students

You are a school, college, or university student but confused between Chromebook Vs laptop then you are at the right place. Both the devices are good but it all depends on the student’s needs. In this Chromebook vs Laptop for Students guide, we also discuss the pros and cons so you can easily know which one is the ideal choice.

What is a Chromebook?

A Chromebook is a laptop that uses a chrome operating system, therefore you can’t use a Windows and MAC operating system. You can use the Chromebook offline, but a stable internet connection is required for best use. If you use a Chromebook, you must download applications from the google store.

1. Price 

Chromebook is best if you have a limited budget and only want to do simple computing tasks such as reading notes, pdf books, or web browsing. If your budget is under 300$, you can find a good Chromebook on which you can smoothly do the task. The laptop is expensive compared to Chromebook but the advantage is, that you can run heavy applications at the same time, if you have an advanced feature laptop.

So we recommend Chromebook for that students who mostly work on web-based applications such as MS Word Online, google docs and have a limited budget.

2. Operating System

Chromebook is based on the chrome operating system and on the laptop you install Windows and MAC OS. Each operating system has its weakness and strengths, some students are comfortable with the Windows operating system, and some like MAC or chrome operating system. Chrome and window OS comes with a user-friendly interface but MAC operating system is a little bit difficult to use in starting.

Application compatibility problems mostly occur in chrome operating compared to a Windows or MAC OS because on the laptop you install any application you want but in Chromebook, some restrictions are there.

3. Storage

Chromebook is best for those students who did not need high storage. The hard drive of most Chromebook is 16, 32, 64, and 128 GB but when you buy a Chromebook you also get the free online storage. The laptop comes with 128, 256, and 1Tb, so the storage capacity of the laptop is much better than Chromebook, if you require high storage then a laptop is best for you. You can use the SSD with both ChromeBook and laptop.

4. Applications

A laptop is best for those students who have to install a heavy application such as designing, or programming software and Chromebook is ideal for lightweight applications, for example google slides, office 365 android application, and the online text editor.

Advantages of Chromebook for Students
  • The main advantage of the Chromebook is its low price.
  • Best for online usage.
  • Built-in Security Features.
  • The operating system is very light. 
  • Easy to use and reliable.
Advantages of Laptop for Students
  • Best for heavy applications such as web designing, programming, and SQL application.
  • A good option for multitasking.
  • High storage capacity, so you can easily download or record online video lectures.
  • Less dependent on applications and you can install any available software.
  • High Ram.

Final Thoughts on Chromebook vs Laptop for Students

On Chromebook, you can comfortably do your online research, notes and assignment creation. For online research, it is also a good option. But if you need more than this, a laptop is the better option for you. On a laptop, you can perform advanced tasks smoothly, best for heavy applications and you will also get a high storage hard drive.

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