7 Best Laptop for Multiple Monitors in 2024

I know how it feels when the laptop performance is average in a multiple monitor setup. But don’t worry our team comes up with some best laptop for multiple monitors that delivers smooth performance. Our favorite laptops are MSI GL75 and Apple MacBook Pro.

If you are a designer, gamer, programmer, or you do mostly multitasking, then a multi-monitor setup is the best choice. In this guide, you will find the expensive, budget, gaming, office, and designing laptops on which you can easily do your work.

Multi-monitor setup has many advantages, such as comfortably working on multiple tabs, increasing work efficiency, and not needing to switch between the applications.

Here is the List of Best Laptop for Multiple Monitors

  • MSI GL75
  • Apple MacBook Pro
  • Lenovo Legion Y540
  • LG Gram Laptop
  • Acer Predator Triton 500
  • HP 15 Laptop
  • Alienware m15

1. MSI GL75

best laptop for mulitple monitors


Screen Size17.3 Inches
Hard Disk256 GB SSD + 1TB HDD
Ram16 GB DDR4
CPU ModelIntel 10th Gen HEXA Core i7 Processor
Weight5.5 LBS


Looking for a laptop with advanced features and a good choice for gaming, check out MSI GL75. This laptop included plenty of connectivity options such as HDMI, USB type-c, 3.1, and a mini display port, allow users to attach multi-monitor. It is a gaming laptop and also a fantastic choice for trading, programming, designing, and office work.

It has 17.3 inches full HD display, and the maximum screen resolution is 1920 X 1080 pixels, which gives you good image quality, but its pixel density is not remarkable. This laptop comes with a 100% SRGB display, so don’t worry about the accuracy of the colors. The wide viewing angles are good, and the brightness is decent enough.

In terms of performance, this laptop gives you excellent results in gaming, designing, and in running advanced software. This is the main reason this laptop comes no 1 on our list. It has an Intel 10th generation HEXA core i7 processor, and the ram size is 16 GB DDR4, delivering outstanding multitasking performance.

This laptop is one of the best choices for gaming because it has a NIVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 1660Ti graphic card (6 GB). The response time is good, and it has a 144Hz refresh rate, so no matter how fast the action game is, you will get a smooth gaming experience. The weight is heavy because it is a gaming laptop, but the design is incredible.

This best laptop for a dual monitor comes with 256 GB SSD and has a 1TB HDD hard drive, provide you plenty of storage capacity to install software and games. It has a backlit keyboard and a 64-bit Windows 10 operating system.

Final words

This laptop performs well in a multi-monitor setup and has good connectivity options. You can smoothly run advanced software on this laptop, and best for gaming. The cooling system is good, but it is heavy in size.

2. Apple MacBook Pro (Best MacbooK for Multiple Monitors)

 MacBook Pro for multiple monitor


Screen Size16 Inches
Hard Disk512 GB SSD
Ram16 GB
CPU Model6-Core Intel Core i7 Processor
Weight4.3 LBS


If you are looking for a MacBook, this is the best choice. After testing this MacBook with a multiple monitor setup, the performance is fantastic, and no connectivity problem occurred. It comes with four thunderbolts 3 ports, delivers fast data transfer, good quality video output, and has a USB 3.1 and display port.

It has a 16 inches retina display, the maximum screen resolution is 3072 X 1920 pixels with 500 nits of brightness. The pixel density is incredible and includes the IPS technology to get accurate colors and crisp images.

Now coming to its performance, this MacBook has a 6-core Intel core i7 processor, and its turbo boosts up to 4.5 GHz. Therefore, the processing speed is impressive and delivers a 2.1 times faster performance than the old version. Due to its AMD RADEON pro 5300M graphics, it gives you high-quality visual and faster rendering, also perfect for graphic work, game development, video editing, and trading. The ram size is 16 GB, and the hard drive capacity is 512 GB.

You can comfortably do the typing work on this best MacBook for multi-monitors, and its touch ID feature is excellent. Battery timing is up to 11 hours, and the weight is 4.3 pounds. It has a good sound quality due to its 6-speaker system, so there is no need for external speakers.

Final Words

If you don’t have a budget problem and looking for the MacBook, this is a good choice. The performance is fantastic even if you are running heavy software simultaneously. It is also a good choice for typing work, and its battery life is good. The screen quality and colors are excellent, and the design is beautiful.

3. Lenovo Legion Y540

laptop for external monitors


Screen Size15.6 Inches
Hard Disk1 TB HDD + 512GB PCIE SSD
Ram24 GB DDR4
CPU Model9th Gen Intel Hexa-Core i7
Weight5.06 LBS


If you want to play high games or looking for a laptop on which you can run multiple advance software simultaneously, then why not this Lenovo Legion Y540. I like its performance, and this laptop included multiple connectivity options such as 3 USB 3.1, HDMI and a mini display port, allow the user to attach the multi-monitors easily.

Maximum screen resolution is 1920 X 1080 pixels, and the display is 15.6 inches. It comes with IPS panel and colors of this laptop is impressive. The pixel density is not high, but due to IPS technology, the display result is still good.

It has a 9th Generation Intel i7 processor and 6 cores, 12M cache up to 4.50 GHz, so the processing speed is incredible, and the plus point of this laptop is 24 GB ram. Therefore this laptop is best for gaming, video editing, multitasking, and for designing related work. It has a dedicated NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 1650 graphic (4GB), enough for heavy games and smoothly handling the multi-monitors.

Lenovo Legion Y540 has a 1TB HDD + 512 GB PCIe SSD, provide you faster read and write speed. PCIe SSD is also good for gaming applications and comes with a Windows 10 home operating system. When I run high applications on this laptop, it gives me a battery life of 5 hours which is not excellent but decent enough. The keyboard is suitable for typing, and it is also backlit. The touchpad is tremendous, but the refresh rate is average.

Final Words

This LENOVO laptop has a 9th-generation processor and a graphic card, offering a smooth viewing experience. It is best for any professional work, and I also recommend this laptop for gaming. It has a good display result and efficiently handles the multi-monitor setup.

It is heavy in size, and its battery life is not remarkable. Overall in terms of performance and connectivity option, this laptop does not disappoint you.

4. LG Laptop

best laptop for multiple monitors


Screen Size14 Inches
Hard Disk256 GB SSD
Ram8 GB
CPU Model10th Generation Intel Core i5
Weight2.2 LBS


This is another best laptop for multiple monitors having an excellent battery life. The battery life of this laptop is up to 18 hours on a single charge, so if you travel mostly, then why not this laptop. Coming towards the display, it has a 14 inches full HD screen, which uses IPS technology, and the screen resolution is 1920 X 1080 pixels.

It comes with a 10th generation Intel core i5 processor and includes an Iris plus graphics, gives you decent graphic performance. The ram size is 8 GB and has a 256 GB SSD hard drive. In terms of performance, on this laptop, you can smoothly do your multitasking, such as reading documents and writing the email.

This laptop is a good choice for daily computing work but if you run multiple advanced software, go for a laptop with a high ram. It has a thunderbolt 3 port to transfer data faster and smoothly run high-resolution videos. You can instantly login to the laptop due to its fingerprint reader. This feature provides you excellent data security, and the keyboard is backlit.

Final Words

This laptop is the best choice for daily computing work and has all the essential features. It has a modern design and includes IPS technology.

5. Acer Predator Triton 500

laptop for external monitor


Screen Size15.6 Inches
Hard Disk512 GB SSD
Ram16 GB
CPU Model8th Generation Intel Core i7
Weight4.63 LBS


If you don’t have a budget problem and looking for a gaming laptop or want to run heavy software, check out this Acer laptop. The performance is impressive when I attach multiple monitors and play modern games. It also gives you smooth performance when I run the designing software such as Photoshop and Adobe Dreamweaver.

This Acer laptop has an 8th generation Intel core i7 processor and a 16 GB DDR4 ram, so no lag in working and gaming sessions. It has a dedicated 6 GB NVIDIA GEFORCE RTX 2060 graphics, and the hard drive size is 512 GB SSD, providing quick boot-up and shortening the game loading times.

The refresh rate is 144 Hz, and the response time is 3ms, giving you the best gaming experience in fast-moving games and eliminating the motion blur and ghosting. You can easily connect multiple monitors on this laptop because it has thunderbolt 3, HDMI, and a display port. If you like RGB keyboards, this laptop includes an RGB keyboard, and the design is good. The battery time is decent enough (8 hours for regular use), and its cooling system is fine.

Some other features are, it has good audio quality, IPS technology is included and weight is 4.63 LBS.

Final Words

This is one of the great laptop for a multiple monitor setup. It is powerful enough to run the latest games smoothly and an ideal choice for other tasks. The colors are great, but the resolution is not much high. It comes with SSD hard drive and has many connectivity options. In my view, it is an excellent value for the price and a good laptop for biomedical students.

6. HP 15

best laptop for multiple monitors


Screen Size15.6 Inches
Hard Disk256 GB SSD
Ram8 GB
CPU Model11th Generation Intel Core i5 Processor
Weight3.75 LBS


This laptop for multiple monitors is another fantastic choice. If you want a budget laptop to attach external monitors. I do not prefer this laptop for advanced software, but a good choice for regular computing work. On this HP laptop, ports included are USB TYPE-C, USB TYPE-A and HDMI, so you can easily attach more than one monitor.

This screen size is 15.6 inches and comes with a 1080p screen resolution. The pixel density is not very impressive, but it has an IPS and anti-glare display so that you will get a good result with excellent wide viewing angles. Due to its integrated Intel IRIS XE graphics, you will get stunning visuals and a decent rendering experience.

This laptop comes with an 11th-generation Intel core i5 processor and up to 4.6 GHz turbo speed. The ram is 8 GB, which is enough for regular computing work and gives you faster performance than traditional hard drives because of the 256 GB SSD. In 45 minutes, this laptop charges from 0 to 50%, and battery life is up to 7 hours.

The design is beautiful and comes with an 82% screen-to-body ratio. It has a narrow bezel, minimizes border distraction, and includes an HD camera that delivers decent clarity in low light.

Final Words

This is one of the best budget laptop for multiple monitors which provide you smooth performance in multitasking. It has plenty of connectivity options and a good ram and processor. On this laptop, when you are doing regular computing tasks, the performance is fantastic, but when you run heavy applications simultaneously, the performance is not very smooth.

7. ALIENWARE m15 R3 

best laptop


Screen Size15.6 Inches
Hard Disk512 GB SSD
Ram16 GB
CPU Model10th Generation Intel Core i7 Processor
Weight4.65 LBS


This laptop is capable of running heavy applications and also excellent choice for modern games. It has plenty of connectivity ports, so you can easily attach multiple monitors, and it includes an ALIENWARE graphic amplifier port, the advantage of this port is, that you can connect a desktop graphics card to your laptop.

This laptop offers you 15.6 inches full HD display, and its contrast ratio is decent enough. The screen resolution is 1080p and has a 72% color gamut which is also decent enough but not very impressive. Due to its low blue light emission, it is a good choice for extended gaming and working sessions. Its brightness is excellent, and weight of this laptop is 4.65 LBS.

This laptop included a 10th generation Intel core i7 processor, the ram size is 16 GB, and comes with NVIDIA RTX 2060 graphic card. Therefore, the graphic visuals are crisp quality, you can smoothly play modern games. This laptop also does not disappoint if you simultaneously work on many applications.

The response time is 7ms, which is one of the drawback of this laptop, but it has a 144 Hz refresh rate, giving you a smooth gaming experience in competitive games. It has a dedicated vapor chamber between CPU and copper heat pipes and includes an ALIENWARE CRYO-TECH. It optimizes the cooling and maximizes the overall performance, which keeps the laptop cool.

The keyboard is ergonomic, but I am not pleased with its battery timing. It is a gaming laptop, but still the weight is not very heavy and comes with a good build quality.

Final Words

This laptop provides excellent gaming performance and a superb choice for running advanced software. The screen is large and comes with a good cooling system. It is excellent value for the price.


Running Multiple Monitors Affect the laptop Performance?

It depends on the working type, if you are doing basic computing task such as web browsing, reading documents, then it is OK. But if you run multiple advanced software simultaneously, you need a high processor and ram, so the performance remains the same.

When I require a docking station for attaching multiple monitors?

You need a docking station when you have a limited port connectivity option, and you want to attach more monitors.

Can the laptop support 4 monitors?

If you have a modern graphics card with enough ports, then yes, laptop supports the 4 monitors.


Thanks for reading this guide best laptop for multiple monitors. I hope you like this article and selected the monitor from the list. Our favorite laptops are MSI GL75 and Apple MacBook Pro, or you can choose any other according to your budget.

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