Advantages and Disadvantages of SSD

You want to buy the solid state drive but confused what are the advantages and disadvantages of SSD then you are at the right place. We research and tested the SSD with a traditional hard drive and concluded the result, therefore we hope you will get some valuable information.

What is HDD?

HDD (Hard disk drive) is a data storage device for laptops, desktop and it comes with spinning disks where data is stored magnetically. It has an arm with transducers that write and read data on the disk.

What is SSD?

A solid-state drive (SSD) is the improved generation of storage devices used in laptops, computers etc. In a solid-state drive, data is stored in microchips. SSD uses a processor to write and read data.

advantages and disadvantages of SSD

What are the Advantages of SSD?

1. Speed

The no 1 advantage of having an SSD is the speed performance because it has no moving parts like HDD. SSD writes data 20 times faster and reads data 10 times faster compared to the HDD. Therefore you will get a faster data transfer, the laptop boot quickly and application loading performance increases.

2. Durability

SSD has more durable than HDD because it has no moving parts. Therefore even in the event of dropping, it can keep the data safe compared to the HDD. There is no mechanical failure in SSD and also handles the shock better. HDD comes with moving parts, so in the event of dropping high chance of data damage.

3. Less Noise

You hate noise coming from the HDD then SSD is the best option for you. SSD produces less noise because there are no moving parts, so noise-free operations.

4. Energy Efficiency

Another advantage of having an SSD is, it is more energy-efficient than HDD. The reason is, HDD comes with moving parts that why it requires additional power to do the mechanical work. SSD lacks moving parts and the motor is not included, so it consumes less power.

5. No Overheating and Less Weight

SSDs come with more heat-resistant compared to HDDs and they are also lightweight than HDD.

Disadvantages of Solid State Drive (SSD)

1. Cost

A solid-state drive is expensive compared to an HDD. This is one of the main reason why a laptop with SSD is more costly than a laptop that is equipped with an HDD.

2. Limited Storage Space

Solid-state drives are expensive, that’s why they are available with smaller storage sizes. The base storage size is 128 GB but nowadays you can also find a high storage SSD.

3. Life Span

SSD has a shorter lifespan because the write cycle is erased and rewritten so many times and cell decay happens in SSD.

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